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Black Skimmer   by Neil Lamb
Newsletter. BCAS' newsletter will now be in digital form beginning Aug 2017.  If you would like to receive it, email your request to bcas09@aol.  You may also have access to it by clicking on newsletter on our home page and this will take you to our current newsletter.  This new format allows us to have more photos (all in color) and even videos.  We are not limited in our space and can offer a more interesting newsletter.  We realize some people want a hard copy, but we are also sure you will enjoy our new format. 

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Birds of Bay and Gulf Counties, FloridaThis book is a guide to bird watching in Bay and Gulf Counties in particular and other sections of northwest Florida.  It gives details of backyard habitat, and what to plant to attract the many different species of birds, butterflies and bats.  It details how to build birdhouses of the proper size for our cavity nesting birds.  It details nine local driving trips, and where and when you are most likely to find birds.  Most important, it contains an annotated list of all the birds reported in Bay and Gulf counties since the middle 1930s.  This book is available for $10.00 at the membership meetings (add $2.50 for mail delivery). Special pricing for members of Bay County Audubon at the membership meetings - $5.00(add $2.50 for mail delivery). Call 871-1736 for details.

Free publication.  "Biology and Conservation Status of Smoothbark St. John's-wort" by Edwin J. and Lisa A. Keppner.  This is an excellent book on the Smoothbark Hypericum named Smoothbark St. John's-wort.  To get a free copy contact Ed Keppner at 769-6247 or 
Free download of a sandhills endangered plant, Smoothbark St. John's-wort.  Click here
Annual Program Brochure- Download this 2016-17 brochure that has all the important dates and other info regarding our Field Trips and Film Series.  Copies of this brochure are also available at all our meetings,