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The BCAS bi-monthly newsletter has been in digital format since Aug 2017.  If you would like to receive a digital copy of it by email, please email your request to .  You may also have access to it by clicking on "BCAS Newsletter" on our home page and this will take you to our current newsletter.  You can also access archived digital newsletters from the same link. Can find current newsletter here

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Free publication.  "Biology and Conservation Status of Smoothbark St. John's-wort" by Edwin J. and Lisa A. Keppner.  This is an excellent book on the Smoothbark Hypericum named Smoothbark St. John's-wort.  To get a free copy contact Ed Keppner at 769-6247 or  
Free PDF download of a sandhills endangered plant, Smoothbark St. John's-wort.  Click here