Adventure Film Series  2018
This is our only fund-raising activity for the year.   Next January and February, we will offer three high quality nature/travel films which are personally narrated by the cinematographer. The films are held at Arnold High School Auditorium at 550 Alf Coleman Road near Back Beach Road at 7:00 PM.   Tickets are $8.00 per film; season tickets for all three films are $22.00  For no waiting in line, purchase season tickets at the January membership meeting or at the first film.  Outstanding door prizes will be given by random drawing during intermission at each film.

Jan 18 (Thursday)    Hello Louisiana - by Monty & Marsha Brown. 

Jan 30 (Tuesday )-      Around the World on a String by Bob DeLoss and Stan Walsh

Feb 8  (Thursday)         Hot Spots – America’s Volcanic Legacy  by Gray Warriner

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Audubon Center for Birds of Prey -Bald Eagle Stamp Program

This is a fund-raising project to help offset the cost of caring for injured and non-releasable raptors at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. Collectable stamps are sorted, appraised and sold to collectors by volunteers; 100% of the proceeds go to help the birds.

                                        Collectable stamps include:                                                                                 
                                        Any stamp collections 
                                Any foreign, commemoratives, airmail or special handling stamps
                                Any State or Federal hunting and fishing licenses stamps
                                Mint plate blocks (especially older ones)  
                                Please, no current single-letter rate: this includes Christmas Stamps

We accept both canceled and uncanceled stamps. We can sell only undamaged stamps. We cannot use stamps that are cut, punched, torn, scuffed, thinned, with part of sides cut off, or with heavy smeared cancels.  No metered stamps please (printed indicia).

Please cut the stamps from the envelopes, at least ¼” around the stamps to avoid damage. Do not include postmark. Exceptions: with commemorative envelopes, First Day issues and old (pre-1960) envelopes, send the entire envelope with the stamp attached, as the envelope may also have significant value.  

Please include your name and/or the name of your organization printed legibly on the inside and outside the package.  Donations will be acknowledged with a charitable contribution tax receipt. Donors wanting a professional appraisal, for tax purposes, are responsible for obtaining the value of their donation from a professional.  Audubon stamp volunteers are not license appraiser’s; they can not put a value on any stamps donated. 

                                                             Mail your donations to:          Audubon Center for Birds of Prey              
                                                                                                                      Bald Eagle Stamp Program 
                                                                                                                      1101 Audubon Way 
                                                                                                                       Maitland, FL 32751    

                                                                   Note: to save even more on postage, mail your donation “Media Rate” (book rate) from US Post Office

Call Candis Harbison at

.Rare Bird Alert - Report any rare or unusual bird sightings to Your cooperation and  help in keeping the public informed about what birds are in the area is very important.  These records are sent to the Florida Ornithological Society for submission  to the  Florida Field Naturalist publication.  They are also sent to the American Birding  Association for inclusion in their reports.  
                                                                                                                BCAS Backyard Bird Tally
The BCAS Backyard Bird Tally is an event conducted by our local members for the pleasure of observing birds in ones own yard throughout the entire year.  We started this event back in 2005 and now we are in our 9th season.  The rules are very simple.  One must see or hear a bird in your yard or observe in from your yard.  Each species counts one.  If you do not want to use your yard, one can also report birds from a designated area like a park, golf course, etc.  In this special event, we keep track of our yard or area birds the entire year and report the totals after our CBC dinner has been completed.   Give it a try, and maybe you could win too.  Backyard birding is great fun! 

It's music that makes the world go round say Bob DeLoss and Stan Walsh with their new upbeat, Around the World On A String .  It’s an all new innovative, unconventional, armchair travel adventure film produced to satisfy the musical wanderlust of all travelers. It’s haunting sounds of a bamboo harp – the joyful sound of America’s instrument, the banjo – audio pictures blended with scenic panoramas and a back story commentary. It's about the location and the talented people that brought us there in the first place.                                           
This has to be a first, “Out of the box” thinking,  DeLoss and Walsh turned a casual cross country conversation into a classic globetrotting musical travelogue designed to…look like…hear like…feel like…a new score in photo journalism.  The two camera virtuosos pooled their talent, their digital film clips, their stories of high adventure to produce an imaginative evening of tuneful exploration.  
Hawaii is one of America's hot spots, but so are the frozen summits of the Aleutian Islands, and high, alpine parklands in the Pacific Northwest. Yellowstone's famous geysers  and hot springs and the largest rapid in Arizona’s Grand Canyon share something in common: volcanism!  "America's Hot Spots" journeys into the geysers, hot springs and colorful thermal pools of Yellowstone National Park before visiting the spectacular, towering giants along America's ring of fire: Mount Rainier, Mount Hood and Mount Shasta. The trip is complete after a glimpse of the sulfur-scarred landscape of Bumpass Hell within Lassen Volcanic National Park, where the inferno that powered its last  eruption still lurks below the surface. 
Gray Warriner is an independent producer of documentaries and travelogues. He has worked as a cameraman, director and producer, and he has won more than 100 national and international awards for film excellence.  Warriner's exceptional filmmaking skill allows the audience to walk perilously close to the edge of continuing lava flows on the    big island of Hawaii and peer into the indigo depths of Oregon's Crater Lake, the clearest waters in the world.
Join Monty and Marsha Brown for a trip around this exotic state, where the Caribbean meets the Old South; where the Red River meets the mighty Mississippi; where French and Spanish met at No Man's Land in the early 1700's. It's a steaming land of cotton and sugar cane, a heady brew of music and cuisine to delight and amaze the whole world. It's cypress trees and Spanish moss and poetry.
Where would we be without Louisiana? No Cajuns, Zydeco, or Mardi Gras, No Uncle Earl, Huey Long, Leadbelly, Jelly Roll or Professor Longhair? No "Hadacol Boogie", "You Are My Sunshine" or "Goodnight Irene"? No Satchmo or Marie Laveau? Where else do you find the French Quarter, the Louisiana Hayride, and the birth of jazz? Louisiana, the starting point for Elvis and the end for Bonnie and Clyde.
Visit the Oldest European town in the entire Louisiana Purchase (Hint: it's Natchitoches, not New Orleans). Oh, we'll visit the Big Easy, too, where Carnival thrives all year long! And that's just skimming the surface. Louisiana, is a world unto itself.
In 2005, the Travel Adventure Cinema Society awarded Monty and Marsha, the "Rising Star" trophy, given to new artists in the travelogue field whose work is appreciated by Presenters and their audiences.

Many thanks to the following  for making the 2018 film series possible:




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Coin & Bullion Reserve -Larry Lee, Inc
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Elizabeth K. Kelly, DMD, LLC
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The Panama City News Herald

G. Joseph Parell, M.D. P.A.
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