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May 26,2018 Camp Helen State Park
Photo by Emily Ellis
Monday January 14th  Our monthly membership meeting will begin again.  This meeting will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 1410 Airport Road Panama City, FL. 6:30 PM.
Dr. Neil Lamb will present  a program entitled “The Amazon River on a Cruise”. Some tips for adding to your bird list while enjoying all the attributes of a cruise. From Macapa and Belem near the discharge into the Atlantic Ocean, all the way upriver to Manaus, a look at the scenery and some birds in spectacular Brazil. Southern Lapwings in Belem, Northern Screamers at the city edge in Parintins, the rubber industry, and the Meeting-of-the-Waters are just a few of the highlights that might entice you to make this journey in the future. Christmas on the Amazon, but definitely no snow! 
Saturday, January 19 - Birding at Majette Park with Pam and Gail. This park was previously a golf course before the county made it into a park. It offers varied birding habitat, paved paths and It is located off John Pitts Road, which is off Hwy 231. You can either go directly there at 7:30am or meet some of us at the Panama City Mall beside Starbuck’s at 7:00 to leave at 7:15. We will carpool from there. Bring snacks, water, rain gear (you never know), binoculars and walking shoes. Call Pam for more information, 850-832-5835.
Saturday, Janurary 26  Camp Helen Monthly Species Count. Meet us at the Camp Helen front gate at 6:00 am sharp. Although we typically finish birding about noon, you can spend as much or as little time as you like. We sometimes divide our group to cover the north side of the park as well as the coastal areas. We appreciate any amount of time given to help document our avian friends. Bring binoculars, scope [if you have one], water and snacks, hat and sunscreen. If you would like to participate, please contact Emily Ellis at
Orange-backed Troupial
photo by Neil Lamb
Saturday, January 26 - Bird Walk at PCB Conservation Park 7:30AM. Meet in the parking lot. We have binoculars to share if you need them.  This large park is located off Hwy 98 about one mile west of Hwy 79. Look for the sign saying Panama City Beach Conservation Park.