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October 8, 2018 Membership meeting 6:30PM
Jim Cox, Director Stoddard Bird Lab, Tall Timbers Research Station will present the program, "The Brown-headed Nuthatch" - Gram for gram, few birds pack as much interesting biology into their feathered frames as the Brown-headed Nuthatch. These fascinating and very social birds use tools, engage in communal massages much like great apes, have helpers that assist the breeding efforts of other adults, and also excavate cavities that are used by dozens of other animals. Tall Timbers has studied Brown-headed Nuthatches for over a decade and Jim will be discussing what the lab has learned about the unique social life of this very curious bird.

6:30 PM. Science and Discovery Center, 308 Airport Road, Panama City

Upcoming Events
Saturday, Oct. 13- Bay Day at St. Joe Bay Buffer Preserve, 3915 State Road 30A in Port St. Joe. There will be a variety of events going on that day, including a bird walk from 8:00 - 11:00am (Eastern time) led by Ron Houser and others. Other events include tram rides through the preserve, live entertainment, raffle drawings and a low-country boil starting at 11:00 (ET). Everything is free except for the food. Donations will benefit the Friends of St. Joe Bay Buffer Preserve, which was founded to help protect and preserve one of the most ecologically significant areas in the Southeastern U.S. Get there early to get a parking spot. 
Plants for Birds
Click on the following link to view a recording of our recent symposium “Birds, Bugs, and Berries”
May 26,2018 Camp Helen State Park
Photo by Emily Ellis
Saturday, Oct. 20 – Bird Walk at Panama City Beach Conservation Park. 7:30am. This is the first of four bird walks in this park this season. Meet us in the parking lot of this 2900 acre conservation area. Some of this area is slowly being transformed into wetlands due to discharge of treated wastewater and restoration of the habitat. This means more and more birds are being found there, including black-bellied whistling ducks. The bird list is up to over 140 species! We may break up into groups and walk the trails and boardwalks looking for a wide variety of birds. This is also right in the middle of fall migration so some of those can be expected. A moderate amount of walking is required but we go at a slow pace. This is an excellent place for new birders to spot the birds. We should be finished by 10:30am. Bring snacks and drink as well as binoculars and insect repellent. 
Saturday, Oct. 27 – Joint field trip with Choctawhatchee Audubon Society to the Okaloosa County Landfill. This is one of the most well-known hot birding spots in the Ft. Walton Beach area. Local Audubon members will be our guides. A moderate amount of walking will be required. Afterwards we will return home through Niceville and Hwy 20 to hwy 77 or 79 to avoid beach traffic congestion. We will stop to eat lunch, possibly in Niceville. Bring snacks, drinks and the usual birding equipment. We need to get an early start, so set your clocks and meet us behind the Taco Bell restaurant on Hwy 98 and Thomas Drive at 6:30am to leave right at 6:45. We need to be at Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant in Ft. Walton by 8:15. The address there is 1313 Lewis Turner Blvd., Ft. Walton Beach. If you live on Panama City Beach we can meet you at the Publix near Phillips Inlet. Give me a call at 763-7485.